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Jessica Mills: Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee

Sorry for the short notice, but go see her if you can!

from AK Press:

To ease you into event season, this is just a quick note to let you know
about some talks AK author Jessica Mills is doing this weekend in the
mid-west. Besides being an accomplished musician, artist, activist,
teacher, and mother of two, Jessica is the author of "My Mother Wears
Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us"


So if you're around this weekend, please come by and see her. Here's
she'll be:

Saturday, February 16th, 7pm: Quimby's in Chicago, IL (1854 W. North

Sunday, February 17th, 2pm: A Room of One's Own in Madison, WI (307 W.
Johnson St.)

Monday, February 18th, 6pm: Broad Vocabulary in Milwaukee, WI (2241 S.
Kinnickinnic Ave.)


Disappointed by run-of-the-mill parenting books that didn't speak to her
experience, she set out to write a book tackling the issues faced by a
generation of moms and dads. The result is a parenting guide like no
Written with humor, extensive research, and much trial and error, My
Wears Combat Boots delivers sound advice for parents of all stripes.
stories of bringing kids (and grandparents) to women's rights
demonstrations, taking baby on tour with her band, and organizing
cooperative childcare, Jessica gives detailed nuts-and-bolts information
about weaning, cloth vs. disposable diapers, the psychological effects
co-sleeping, and even how to get free infant gear. This book provides a
clever, hip, and entertaining mix of advice, anecdotes, political
and factual sidebars that will help parents as they navigate the first
of their child's life.

Here's what others are saying about the book!
"Jessica Mills is a great writer with a lot to say and the heart, guts,
brains, and perseverance it takes to do it. My Mother Wears Combat Boots
an instant classic, the latest in the evolution of punk sensibilities
sustainable community action: full of real life experience and
well-researched inquiry. It will take another generation before a
book has the cutting edge insight, yet stable strength, of this
China Martens, author of The Future Generation: A Zine-Book for
Parents, Kids, Friends & Others

"My Mother Wears Combat Boots helps to pave the way for a whole new
generation of moms with advice on the down to earth essentials of
it's also further proof that you don't have to stop Rockin' once you
become a parent. I found this to be an invaluable resource as a new
Chris(tine) Boarts Larson, editor of Slug & Lettuce

"Sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartwarming, Jessica Mills is
in her own down-to-earth way. My Mother Wears Combat Boots avoids the
pitfalls of the polemical and preachy and serves as an entertaining
guide to
how to raise a child into more than another blind consumer."
Sean Carswell, Razorcake magazine

"How unreal and yet real it is to have a mother of two bring along a
babysitter on tour in a wonderful refusal to be 'tied down' by
motherhood—and now have the experience written up in intelligent and
captivating prose, alongside a wealth of 'how-to' info and inspiring
that relate touring to family life and in the process redefine both.
Dick Lucas, Subhumans / Citizen Fish

AK Press / 674-A 23rd Street / Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 208-1700
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