lynnbomomo (lynnbo_momo) wrote in mamaphonic,

advice on writing markets

Hey Mamas:

I am developing a piece on why the faux-DIY decorators like Rachel Ashwell and Sue and Ki of Junkmarket Style make me want to barf. It's basically a riff on the following:

-- the commercialization of the DIY spirit
-- how to "buy" individuality or "character" and make your own "seem" full of history when it is not
-- how refurbishing (dismantling or destruction) of retro items and antiques destroys historical objects
-- the general phoni-ness about decorating a home that reflects none of your actual experiences
-- why your home is art and how to support that, vs. trying to impress others or get a certain look

I'm very interested in the subject and am doing some preliminary research but I'm not clear on a good market for such a piece -- the anti-corporate angle makes it a bit difficult.

Any suggestions would be fantastic.

Thanks -- Lynn Bomb
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