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I often dream of trains

if you know what it means...

to love new orleans.

from victoria law:

Lizxnn Disaster and I are putting together a two-part exhibition about
New Orleans at ABC No Rio, a community arts center in NYC, for the fall.

We were both in New Orleans this past June working with the Latino
Health Outreach Project. While down there, we realized that there was a
tremendous amount of work to be done but also that many of the people
traveling to the city to do solidarity/relief work were not seeing the
magical qualities that made New Orleans special and makes it important
to do this kind of work.

The first part is art and work from/about New Orleans before Katrina.
We're tentatively titling it "Remembering what Care Forgot." It opens 21
Sept (thurs) and closes 19 October. We want to show WHY New Orleans is
important and unique, not just the disaster images that have become the
main focus of exhibitions about the city since the hurricane.

The second part of the show (which is so far unnnamed) focuses more on
solidarity and relief work being done now and issues which have come up
post-Katrina (like Survivors' Village outside the St. Bernard Projects).
We're especially looking for work around issues not being addressed
domestic violence, prison issues, housing outside the Lower 9th Ward,
etc). This part will open 9 November (Thurs) and close 30 November.

I am writing to ask if you or any of the people you work with have art
to contribute to either show.

ABC No Rio is a non-profit, collectively-run arts center on the Lower
East Side. We often mount exhibitions which address social and political
issues that larger galleries/art spaces won't touch and try to provide a space
for marginalized voices.
More information about the space can be found at: www.abcnorio.org

We're hoping to have finalized artists by August 27th so we can include
them on the publicity card and press releases.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at vikki@siuloong.net
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