lynnbomomo (lynnbo_momo) wrote in mamaphonic,

breast-pumpin' mamas, take note!

Got some good breast-pumping-at-work horror stories? Anything else about your pumping experience at work that you want to get off your chest? (ugh, sorry for the pun).

I am doing research for an article on breast-pumping accomodations in the workplace. I am looking for some mamas willing to tell me a bit about their experiences. I want to explore the gap between the theoretical definitions of employer accomodation for breast-feeding mothers and what happens in practice. I acknowledge that women pump at home and work at home, but I am focusing on workplaces outside of the comforts of home for the purposes of my article, which I am aiming at a couple different parent publications.

Here are my questions:

1) Have you pumped breastmilk at your workplace? What sort of accomodations were supplied to you by your employer, including length of time, storage space and physical location?

2) Have you ever experience restrictions or biases based on your need to pump or breastfeed duing the work day?

3) Were you able to breastfeed your child directly during the workday? How did your workplace accomodate you?

4) Overall, was your experience of breast-feeding and/or pumping during your workday positive or negative?

Please send responses to and feel free to email me any other questions you may have. Thanks!
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